Recipe review – Cauliflower Rice with Coconut Prawns. Lean in 15 – The Sustain Plan – Joe Wicks

Thank goodness for Joe Wicks this year, thats all I can say.  After a rather indulgent Christmas and a trip to Paris for new year, I have been looking for quick and healthy recipes for our evening meals this week.

This is the 3rd in the series of Joe’s Lean in 15 books and the recipe choices are great as ever.  The plan is based on low carb meals for your non work out days and post workout recipes for when you do exercise.  The system seems to work a treat, Ive lost a few pounds in my first week of using the books.

This recipe is on page 54 of The Sustain Plan Book, and all 3 books include some tasty and fast recipes.  There as even some treats to keep the sweet tooth at bay which helps me loads.

Ive been using cauliflower as rice now for a while and I actually like it better.  This coconut prawn recipe works perfectly with it.  I added a sprinkling of dried chilli flakes to give the meal some extra colour and heat.

2017-01-05 18.36.58.jpg

The recipe took me quite a bit over the 15 minute mark but I could have easily done it if I was better prepared and didnt have two kids under my feet.

The taste of the dish was pretty good, especially for something which is prepared so quickly and without the use of any curry pastes.  My whole family enjoyed it and we all felt satisfied afterwards.  I highly recommend this dish for anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle or to lose weight.

You can purchase the Lean in 15 books from amazon, I highly recommend all three of them to change your relationship with food and never suffer another fad diet again!


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