Caldo Gallego (Spanish Ham Soup) Recipe

Caldo Gallego (Spanish Ham Soup) Recipe

This soup offers a fantastic way of using up the end scraps of cured ham shoulder, chorizo, or any other pig meat products.

A tasty and fulfilling dish, great in the winter with a big chunk of crusty bread.

As always I like to focus on the health benefits of the recipes I share and there are so many reasons to cook and eat this hearty dish.  Here are just a few:

  • High in Protein – ham and beans are both high protein foods, keeping you full for longer.
  • High in Fiber – aiding digestion and improving bowel health.
  • Low in fat – as long as you don’t add more meat this dish is very low in fat and is a great option for weight control, with the ideal combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
  • Flexible recipe – add vegetables with nutrients important to you.  I like to use Kale and Broccoli, which are high in iron, calcium, and folate, which promote good blood and bone health.  Use this opportunity to use up any old vegetables you have laying around.


Caldo Gallego (Spanish Ham Soup) Recipe


200-300g ham (chorizo, bacon, ham hawk, or scraps of cured ham shoulder all work well)

1.5 litres water

1 cup canaleni beans (soaked overnight)

2 small or 1 medium turnip

4 small potatoes

100g Kale (any colour)

150g sprouting broccoli

1 cup peas

Salt and pepper

Any other vegetables which need used up.


  • Boil water and your chosen ham (or meat mixture) with a large pinch of pepper in a large pot to create a broth.
  • Peel and cube potatoes and turnips and add to the broth.
  • Chop the broccoli and kale and mix into the soup.
  • Add peas and any other vegetables you desire.
  • Simmer on a low heat for 60-90 minutes.
  • Serve with crusty bread and butter.
  • Add a pinch of cayenne pepper to give your soup a warming kick.

That’s it folks, a super healthy meal idea that only takes minutes you prepare.  It really couldn’t be simpler.  



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